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Gwangju 2019 holds World Broadcasting Meeting1Gwangju 2019 holds World Broadcasting Meeting2Gwangju 2019 holds World Broadcasting Meeting3Gwangju 2019 holds World Broadcasting Meeting4
The 18th FINA World Championships Gwangju 2019, in collaboration with host broadcaster MBC, held a two-day “World Broadcasting Meeting” (WBM) on Nov. 27-28th at the Asia Culture Center, in order for international broadcasters to see preparations for the Championships firsthand, and to promote the event worldwide.

The organizing committee of every large-scale international event, such as the Olympics or World Cup, holds a WBM in conjunction with the host broadcaster, to inform international broadcasters of the current state of preparations, planning, and available production support, in order to ensure complete readiness to broadcast the event.

This WBM was attended by a total 70 people including delegates from FINA, MBC, and the organizing committee, alongside representatives from the world’s major broadcasters, including the European Publishers Council, SVT (Sweden), RAI (Italy), ASAHI (Japan) and NBC (USA).

On November 27th, sports chief producers from rights-holding broadcasters visited Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Center, Yeomju Gymnasium and the media village, and took a look around the main broadcasting facilities, including the TV compounds, camera and broadcasting booths and the mixed zone.

On the 28th, FINA and the organizing committee held a meeting with each rights-holding broadcaster to gather opinions and establish requirements in order to facilitate cooperative relationships, to ensure that the 18th FINA World Championships Gwangju 2019 can be a success.

The World Aquatics Championships, one of the five mega-sports events along with the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and World Athletics Championships, is estimated to have a global TV audience of 1 billion viewers, and 6 billion in total. Hosting an event of this scale is expected to play a significant role in promoting Gwangju to the world.

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