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The event logo depicts a ‘wave of peace’ in which a figure is strenuously striving towards future dreams. The logo also symbolizes the comfort of Gwangju’s Mudeung mountain, and the breath of life of the Youngsan river.

평화의 물결 속으로 DIVE INTO PEACE

The slogan signifies the hope to promote the values of peace for humankind in Gwangju, the guardian city of Korea’s democracy and human rights.

마스코트 수리와 달이

These are personifications of male and female otters, flagship species of the local area, peacefully living in Mt. Mudeung and the Youngsan river.


5.18 기념공원 사진
PPeopleHumankind living together
  • Promote the values of humanism, in the city of democracy and human rights
  • Contribute to the peaceful coexistence of humankind
Mt Mudeung
EEnvironmentAn environment that feels the breath of nature
  • Towards green healing provided by peaceful Mt. Mudeung and Youngsan river
  • Building a clean and comfortable city environment
광주 폴리 사진
AAdvanceEnergetic challenge towards future dreams
아시아문화전당 사진
CCultureCulture shared by everyone
  • A cultural festival true to the name “Hub City of Asian Culture”
  • Cultural events for athletes and residents
선수촌 사진
EEconomySustainable local economy
  • Contribute to local economy (18,000 jobs, 1.4-trillion won in production inducement, 0.65-trillion won in value added inducement)
  • Maximize efficiency by using existing facilities and aggressive marketing

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