Visa information and application

All participants entering the Republic of Korea(ROK) must provide visa issued by the ROK Government. Citizens of countries which have a visa waiver agreement with Korea, or of countries that are designated as visa-free entry can enter Korea without a visa. Please visit the following website to check if your purpose of travel and nationality requires a visa to enter Korea.

  • Korea Visa Portal ( ⇒ General Guide (VISA NAVIGATOR) ⇒ Select continent and country/region ⇒ Select purpose of entry and length of stay.

Visa application through Korean foreign missions

1. Visa issue authorities

Republic of Korea Embassy or Consulate in your country (region).

2. Application

The applicant him/herself or designated agents can apply for visa.

3. Eligible visa types

Single entry visa with duration of stay up to 90 days for those who are in C-1 (temporary news coverage), C-3 (short-term visit), C-4 (short-term employee) categories

4. Required documents.

Visa application form (use government form No.17, or e-Visa application via Korea Visa Portal).
Passport, Photo (in color, 3.5cm x 4.5cm), Visa fee (in USD)

※ Required documents by visa type

Required documents listed on the Visa Navigator are the minimum standard requirements.
Depending on local/regional circumstances, the head of a Korean diplomatic mission may request/exempt additional documents for further evaluation.
Therefore, if the required documents on the Visa Navigator do not match those of the diplomatic mission, please follow the instructions and requirements as provided by the diplomatic mission.

5. Process
  • Applicant
    Submit Application
  • Visa Consul
    Application Review
    (Korean Diplomatic Missions)
  • Visa Consul
    Visa Issuance
    (Korean Diplomatic Missions)
  • Applicant
    Entry into Korea
6. Korean Diplomatic Missions

Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website for more information on Korean diplomatic missions in your country of residence.


All foreign participants of the 18th FINA World Championships must possess a passport or travel document of equal validity issued by an authoritative government agency to enter Korea.
※ You can apply for a visa only if your passport or travel document has more than 6 months remaining.

Visa Fee

In most cases, a single-entry visa with duration of stay up to 90 days will cost USD 40. Fees may be exempted or applied differently in each country depending on circumstances. Please visit the Visa Portal for more information.

Application for Visa Designated visa-free entry List of countries with visa waiver agreementsVisa Portal

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