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The 18th FINA World Masters Championships Gwangju 2019

The FINA World Masters Championships began in Tokyo, Japan in 1986 and continued in even-numbered years. Since the 2015 Kazan Championships, the Masters competition is now being held in the same year as the FINA World Championships.

Past Events

Past Events
No. of participating federationsParticipantsAthletesTeam officials, staff
2017 Budapest (Hungary)9110,8359,0282,195
2015 Kazan (Russia)733,7682,787981
2014 Montreal (Canada)9711,6217,8533,768
2012 Riccione (Italy)7721,34112,6718,670
2010 Gothenburg and Borås (Sweden)7310,7786,7784,000
2008 Perth (Australia)748,0615,0613,000
2006 California (USA)7411,8257,3254,500

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